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Engage players automatically
with personal content

Deliver your players with auto generated
personal live events and promotions

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Does creating novel content daily or weekly consume your resources to a level where sometimes there is no ROI?

Are you focusing only on profitable segments while neglecting others?

Constantly chasing new content?

Boost engagement automatically

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Up to zero effort for continuous improvement

Autonomous improvement attempts are continuously made and measured against control groups

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Treat all users as if they are tier one

Eliminate the glass-ceiling of user-level analysis and personalization to optimally treat all users.

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Easy or

no integration

Choose to integrate client or server SDKs for low-code end-to-end solution. Alternatively get hyper-personalized assets based on batch analysis of your data.

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How it works?

In a nutshell, Kibotu uses Gen-AI to create personalized visuals that match a game's art style and automatically runs A/B tests to continuously improve your in-game marketing. This includes copy and art that take the form of live events and offers, delivered via notifications and in-app messages.


Jonn Weinberg, CEO at Astronomica

“Kibotu is a true partner who does whatever is necessary to lead us forward in their area of expertise, aiming to make a positive impact on our business as soon as possible."
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